The Work of Greg Ehmka

Greg Ehmka

Greg Ehmka's work contributes a lot to the existence of the Schule des Lebens Österreich. Especially his methods give us the foundation to have a very special look on the phenomena of personal development. Thereby he outlines and explains how intention and authentic self expression are combined to transform one's self and one's life.


I met him in 2015 in Graz. We invited him to share some time with us and teach. Awesome experiences evolved. His intentional work in the unknown brought me definitely to the limits of my personality.


Because of the importance of his work I want to create a “gate” from our school to his work, knowledge and experience. This can give our students the possibility to do their research in a wider way.



You can find Greg's work at his homepage or on his YouTube channel. In the following playlist Greg explains his work: its purpose, forms and possibilities.


Greg's Dictionary of Transformation

Greg also describes his work in a Dictionary of Transformation. There he defines words in a self-referential language system to create transformation. In the Schule des Lebens Österreich we refer to this dictionary in a quite profound way. Therefore our students are very invited to have a look in the dictionary of Greg.


Greg's Articels

Purpose of the Dictionary: An introduction to the dictionary discussing how a consensual reality is a function of both language and agreement.

Adventures In Now Time: A little playful practice in NOW time, meaning the eternal now, where past, present and future merge into infinite possibilities.


The Money Bus: When it comes to money, prosperity and abundance people have a way of living a "money determined experience" rather than an "intention determined experience." Money belongs in the back of the bus not in the drivers seat! Here is some support and a colorful picture for making that switch.


Tantra Articles: A group of articles on how sexual pleasure energy is used directly for empowerment, enlightenment and transformation.


Sharings of Greg's work

Greg shares about his work and who he is to people. John shares about some of the results he has created in his life because of Greg's work. In this opening clip, John and Greg also share some intentions for this interview. Here you can get to the full playlist.



Here you can listen to other peoples sharing:


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